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And Let's Never Do That Again

Gilmore Girls spoilers! But it's not what you might think...

Here are all my thoughts:

1. Nostalgia explosion! It was amazing. Every part of this show was awesome and I was so about it. It was amazing. Stars Hollow feels like home again. I was so happy with almost everything except the part where Paris and Doyle are spiltting up! UGH! Why can't things be the way I want.

2. Not enough Sookie. I miss that lady in the kitchen. Overall, her treatment and Lorelai's bereavement without her was done so well. Lorelai really seemed super duper lost without her.

3. FINALLY! Ugh. I am so glad that the Danes are well, the Danes. Lorelai Gilmore Danes. YES. FINALLY.

4. HUNTZBERGER! UGH. I love him and hate him. The whole cheating bit made me want to murder Rory for the first three episodes, but gosh if I ever get her. Logan is so cute. CAN'T EVEN BLAME HER.

5. Rory got so much more likeable. I adore that girl now. I swear for the majority of the series I wanted to kill her for being so selfish and abhorrent. It's like with each season she just became more insufferable. The stunts with Jess and Dean, her whole stealing debacle, just...everything...but she really redeemed herself. She REALLY grew. And I was so happy to see her grow into a lady I not only relate to, but like.

6. I honestly couldn't believe Lorelai Gilmore was going hiking and thank God she didn't. ASP knows her characters thankfully. I bawled like a baby when she called her mother and told her that story about Richard. They really handled that whole death extremely well. It was such a great catalyst for movement and change. All the characters grew up SO MUCH in just 4 episodes. IT WAS ASTOUNDING.

7. The great and albeit weird thing about this rehash is that it seemed SO dream like sometimes. I half-expected things to be dreams when they were truly just reality. But maybe that's how we were supposed to view them. Also what happened to the musical?!

8. Dat ending. WTF Amy Sherman Palladino. I think that this ending does make sense (the whole point is that we have come full circle), but I really wasn't expecting this. I was and I wasn't. It's not only the most fitting ending, but the most unnerving one if that makes sense. The most probable father is Logan. IDGAF what anyone says, it is not Jess. Even if in the cards, Rory is to end up with Jess, the baby isn't Jess's. The proof is in the pudding. We never see those two hook up, and it's not because ASP wanted to hide it from us (okay it is cuz ambiguity is king), it's because they didn't. It's all laid out there. She is clearly in love with Logan and has been for the better part of a decade. She goes to Christopher not to get his side of the story for her book (at this point, she's already pushed out three chapters and she barely needs his input because it's not necessary), but because she needs to know that what she's going to do is right. She needs to know if she needs to get Logan involved in raising her child. She knows that she turned out okay, but notice that she prickles at the idea that her mother didn't give Christopher a choice in the matter. It's not just that she feels defensive for her mom, it's because she is worried that raising this child alone without Logan is going to be a mistake. Rory knows that the bond between her and her mother is insperable, but she's astutely aware of how her lack of interaction with her father impacted her. She doesn't want to make that mistake...or if she does, she wants her dad to give her the "okay" first.

The implication is that Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke.
However I want to argue that Jess is more than Luke, and I'm glad that ASP didn't give us a clear ending and I hope she never does. Jess is clearly still harbouring feelings for Ms. Gilmore, but for his sake, I hope he moves on. His destiny isn't to be his uncle, pining after a Gilmore, no more than it is for Rory to be raising a child at sixteen. In many ways, she is her mother. Her life's a mess and right in the middle of it is an unexpected pregnancy. But unlike her mother, she's armed with another sixteen years where she's figured some shit out and having this child will help her figure out the rest of it.

All in all, the show was amazing. I am thankful for ASP's ambiguity and i'm glad that we got a fond farewell to Dean. I wasn't correct in my assertion that Jess was going to just be the catalyst, and it seems that the fond friendly ex we get is Dean. Though in retrospect that makes more sense. If there ever were to be another rehashing of his show, I think we'd get a Jess and Rory ending and i'll admit, it makes more sense at this point. The way the lives of all the characters have gone suggests this be so, however I also want to argue that Jess isn't Luke and Rory isn't Lorelai. Lorelai has always loved Luke in visible capacity that has been apparent since episode 1. Rory sadly, has not. And for Jess's sake, not even Rory's, I'd pray to God he'd find someone better. Though he's stabler, I think ASP wants to make it very clear by his departure that he's still a vagabond which makes him no contender as a father in Rory's life. At least, not for now.

But this is the story of a mother and daughter. Mothers and daughters, even. It was a beautiful end, to a beautiful series, set in a beautiful town with beautiful people and beautiful stories. And let's never do that again.

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