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A Magnificent Maleficent Review

Tonight I watched Maleficent, and I must say it was an entertaining film for the most part. Unlike Snow White and the Huntsman which was legitimately an abomination on celluloid, this movie had its moments and did not suffer too greatly from the massive shortcomings of movies in its genre.

Let's start off with the criticisms
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Not even going to lie. A Letter to Elise still makes me want to cry sometimes. Robert Smith is a MASTER of poetry. These lyrics rendered me speechless. Much like Jawbreaker, the Cure has this way with words.

I thought you were the girl I always dreamed about,
But I let the dream go,
And the promises broke,
The make believe ran out.

I hate that Blink 182 covered the song. They did the worst cover I've ever heard ever. It was all blinked out and lost the ENTIRE vibe of the song.


This is the best cover I've EVER seen. Any rock band who tries to cover the Cure should have the sense and decency to respect the somberness of the song. This is why I appreciated AFI's cover of "Just Like Heaven". They RESPECTED the Cure's sound and tried to their best to incorporate their own vibe with the Cure's. Stark contrast to Blink who completely ruined any shred of humanity in A Letter to Elise
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Temporal Changes

I'm often tempted by my emotions. At heart, I'm an emotive person. I gravitate toward drama and enjoy it to some degree.

I try to remember an adage I made for myself though.
Whatever I feel today may not be what I feel tomorrow.
What affects me and upsets me at the present may not be a concern to me in a year.
The person you think you love and need today may not be that person next week.

It's hard for me because I consider myself a bit of a knowitall. I think too much and I've got this whole "perceiving" thing going on. Yeah, I can see into forever. So what. I can't do anything about anything. That makes me feel helpless sometimes. I know so much, but I can't do anything. It's hard for me to let anything be organic. It's hard for me to let go of anything because I try so hard to hold onto it. I suffocate it.

I need to let my feelings go.
I need to let people go.
People will not last forever; neither do feelings.

If I could just remember that, I would do better.
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I am so damn tired of everyone on Facebook talking about this whole Hermione and Harry thing.
Half of them are saying, "Omg I knew it should have been them!" Shut up, you did not. You are not the next genius literature buff who made some mad discovery about a children's book. It was an obvious avenue that any author could have taken.
It was down to two options:

1) Make the lead end up with the female lead
2) Make the sidekick end up with the female lead

JK chose option 2.

Truth bomb that everyone really should know:

JK Rowling is a gigantic attention seeker. The fact we're all talking about it is proof in the pudding that she's succeeding at sucking all the attention back to her. She and all her retroactive "changes" (Dumbledore's sexuality being the first "retroactive" change) are part of a huge cry for attention. We get it JK, you want attention. We know you're going to "rewrite the series" because you've decided your heart could not live with the decision you made 3 years ago about the ROMANTIC fate of your leading male character. Of course that's the motivation. It is CERTAINLY NOT because no one cares about your new books, and you're desperate for another 15 minutes, right?

Regardless of whether or not you think she's a great writer (I for one, do not know enough about her to judge), I can absolutely say she's got 0 integrity when it comes to her OWN creative decisions. I can't respect any author who does that. You're fine to regret them but seriously?
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AFI's Burials

I love it. To be honest, I really enjoy AFI's new sound. I really forced myself to like Decemeberunderground but I really didn't like it. It had all the elements of a decent album, but it was really just boring. Crash Love was AFI's re-entry into being an interesting band, but it was mostly poppy and missing a lot of elements that made AFI, AFI. They also went through a strange "Il Divo" phase. Meaning, they had to always wear suits for no reason.

Burials is the closest thing to what I remember AFI being when I was in High School. It's poppy for sure, but immensely rock. Heart Stops is a poppy, chanty, beautiful song steeped with emotion and musicality. AFI's appeal is in their ability to get fans to rally behind them, so why not make a song that depends on the rally of fans?

Other songs like 17 Crimes and Wild, provide the album with the necessary pith and poppiness to keep it easy to listen to. Where long and bellowing songs like I Hope You Suffer (stupid name) and The Face Beneath the Waves, keep this album grounded. I really enjoy the last songs on AFI albums, and The Face Beneath the Waves does not disappoint. It's a beautiful, haunting ballad that is a wonderful end off to an album appropriately named Burials.

Rating: 8/10